I have been playing the cello for many years and my passion for this instrument is growing every day.

The Beginning

The beginning was difficult. I attended the music school in Tarnowitz, but the cello did not really engage me (my teacher was terrible – but I learned how not to teach!). Instead, I wanted to play tennis, but my parents said: “No, you MUST go to the music school.” Today I am very grateful for their vision.

The Education

Later I attended the Music High school in Bytom and the Academy of Music in Katowice. As a student I was already playing with several orchestras such as the Polish Young Orchestra, the Orchestra “Europa Philharmonie”, the Silesian Chamber Orchestra and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. All this just to find out that I have “too much fire in my ass to submit myself to a conductor in an orchestra”, as somebody once wrote about me in a concert announcement.

The Work

Chamber music is my passion. With a string quartet, I enjoyed 6 fascinating months in Japan. Also in Munich, I am a co-founder of the ensemble Espresso Espressivo. For the last few years I have also been performing with musicians of other genres such as Konstantin WeckerMartin SchmittEddy Miller. Again and again I work with the jazz musicians and I am a member of several bands. I also play with gospel singer Liz Howard and participate in many crossover projects where music is conected with other arts. In my latest project, I travel musically to Argentina, where an Argentine bandeonist meets a string quartet. If you want to learn more about the bands and artists I work with, visit my babys page.

The Teaching, Arranging and Composing

What else do I do? Many years ago I started to write arrangements. Now I mainly write for the string quartet (also as a part of the big band), but I have also arranged Christmas carols for choir and orchestra and other pieces. In 2019 I wrote my first compositions for cello solo.

Teaching gives me a lot of pleasure and after chamber music is my second passion. My youngest student was 5 years old, my oldest started at 80. Since 2016 I have been working at Munich International School teaching the private students and leading two orchestras.


Photos by : Boris Giesl (Golf meets Klassik – Benefizturnier der Bayerischen Philharmonie), Jan Scheffner, Robert James Perkins

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