Yume Quartet and Hans Jürgen Stockerl

Again and again I’m lucky to play with a musician with whom I understand myself immediately and without words. This was also the case with the wonderful flutist Dorothee Binding. When we played Mozart’s flute quartets in August 2019, we knew that it wasn’t the last time we did it together.

For our group we also won Juli Linden (violin) and Alexa Beattie (viola), who already play with me in various ensembles and groups. It’s how “Yume” Quartet (jap. a dream) was born. Loss, euphoria, love, drama and guilt; all these emotions are reflected in Mozart’s quartets, but also in his letters, and fascinate us so much that we decided to present his music and letters together in one concert. The actor Hans Jürgen Stockerl was also so impressed with the idea that he joined us and leads through the program with his charming stage presence and his own texts.


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