Musical readings with Quint Buchholz

I love Quint Buchholz‘s paintings- just as he loves the music that I and Juli Linden play. Our first musical reading “Lob der Langsamkeit” was born out of this mutual love.

In his book „Vom Glück der Langsamkeit“ Quint Buchholz unseals spaces for calming down, decelerating, pausing for a moment and recalls the almost forgotten art of leisure. Accompanied by projections of his pictures, he reads stories and poems by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Mascha Kaléko, Toni Morrison, Theodor Storm, W. C. Williams and many others. Juli and I relate musically about longing, breadth, happiness and silence, with Irish songs, own improvisations and classical compositions u. a. by Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Schubert.

Photos Copyright: “The great slowness” (above) and “Myself with books” Quint Buchholz

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