The Concept

“For those who do not love, music chases away all hate       
 She gives peace to the restless, and comforts the weeping.
Those who no longer know their way, find a new future,
And to those who reject everything, new security and hope arises”

                                       Pablo Casals, one of the greatest cellists of all time

Music is my greatest passion. My main goal is to ignite my students with this passion.

It is very important to me that students can express themselves with music and that they have fun. That is why playing music together from the beginning is very important. After just a few lessons, we will be able to play duos for 2 cellos.

However, I am aware of the fact that you need adequate skills to make music successfully. My goal, therefore, is to teach my students cello technique in a clear and as pleasant a way as possible.

Each student is different and I approach each of them individually. My teaching program is adapted to the needs and possibilities of individual student. One thing is equal for everyone: my commitment.


  • From beginners to advanced from the age of 5 to 100 years
  • Funny, motivating and with a lot of patience
  • Chamber music lessons also possible
  • The lessons are given in Munich Pasing and at Munich International School (for MIS students only)
  • You can start anytime

Teaching Calendar

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