Jenny Evans

“Even without you” –

songs about love, loss, joy & frustration 


Jenny Evans is a woman of words. In her new project “Even Without You” she opens her soul with her own songs.

Her songs are very personal because she sings about love, suffering, passion and loss. Her music is influenced by jazz, blues, funk, latin american and oriental rhythms. Her slow and swinging melodies reach out to her audience hearts.

Jenny wanted her sound to be as intimate as possible. That’s why she renounced to use double bass and instead she invited me to accompany her with my cello. At times I convey a basslines groove, at other times I loose myself in longing solos. A good sense of humor, passion and being on the same wavelength musically connect us all.

Audio samples of our work can be found on Jenny’s website.

Here the theme song Even without you:

Photos by Jan Scheffner
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