Welcome to my world

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Do you want to learn how to play the cello? Teaching describes the basics and the concept of my teaching.

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My cello becomes
part of me, especially when I play solo.   
My cello is my true big love.

At times I am accompanied by wonderful pianists such as Andreas Rüsing or Anton Zapf, at other times by excellent guitarists like Alex Czinke or Alex Haas. The latter also plays the bass. You will be surprised how good those instruments sound together! 

I also play solo, usually as part of a performance. That’s how my collaboration with Karin Wedra started.

Even though it sounds better, when there is more then one live instrument, I can still touch you, during private events, with my music when accompanied by a stylish playback.


Anna Rehker, Planegger Str. 56, 81241, München, Deutschland, , Tel.: 089/82930076