Sometimes life brings better stories than you could ever have imagined. This is exactly how our story with ChopEspresso began.

The Chop Gelado and the string quartet Espresso Espressivo musicians should have played together only once. But such an unexpected fusion was so charming and full of character, we knew we had to continue to perform together.

Our own compositions, Brazilian and well-known pop songs are interpreted in an unprecedented way. You can define us through our poetic simplicity, lyrical essence and impulsive improvisational extravagance, which underline the emotional aspect of our music.

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Paulo Alves // voc, guitar
Tom Reinbrecht // soprano & alto sax, arrangements
Alexa Kathleen Beattie // viola
Anna Rehker // cello
Thomas Simmerl // percussion

And this is how it sounds:

Photos by Jan Scheffner, Michael Wüst

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